An Intelligent Way
to Help You Write Faster

Story Prism helps you design your own AI-writing assistant to help you craft perfect stories, faster & easier.

Use the pre-writing tools and train your AI writing
assistant to become an expert on your stories.

Develop a foundation

Build strategies for telling your stories

Design your characters

Chat directly with the characters you create

Get actionable insights for nebulous ideas

Reveal new ideas and directions instantaneously

Then, use it to write your projects faster.

Story Prism is amazing. A brainstorming partner available at all hours, who instantly throws you ideas you can build on. I recommend this to anyone who is stuck or needs some help with ideation.

Jeremy Nguyen

Screenwriter, Disney+, NBC Universal
Story Prism has helped me move from being a 'technical' director to being a writer-director. It's really fantastic for helping me get my thoughts together and get a foundation for my stories.

Ema Edosio Deelen

Producer/​​Director, Bliss Productions
One of the best tools I've ever used - in fact, it's the only tool I'd want to use for developing my next story.

Jeff Kirkland

Producer / Cinematographer, One/18 films
Your tools allowed me to get past some of my writer's block and I finally quit procrastinating.

Gary Hardesty


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this going to write my story for me?
No. Our tools are designed to be human-centered in a way that strengthens your own creative abilities so you can develop your stories faster. In a real sense, Story Prism mirrors your creative ideas, functioning as a bouncing board to “riff” off of.
Could the AI generate my ideas for another user?
No. The AI comes pre-trained. In other words, there is no possible way for your ideas to accidentally be generated by the AI for another user.
How is this AI able to generate ideas?
It does it through advanced natural language processing and predictive text analysis, taking the information you produce along with the prompted questions and predicting an appropriate response.
Do I own what I generate?
Yes. Any text generated by the AI is 100% yours. Story Prism does not claim any ownership of any work generated by the AI.

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